Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cooking Through The Holidays

This time of the year gets a little crazy and it's usually the time that people want their houses cleaned a little extra, so I decided to get ahead of the game by preparing meals and freezing them so that the kids could just pop something into the oven if I hadn't made it home from work or church yet that day.  I have most of the meals completed, with a few extra things that were added as I went along (trying to also have lunches covered so I don't have to eat fast food so much) that need to be done tomorrow.  It was certainly nice tonight to have dinner on the table without much effort:)  I have only done the once a month cooking a couple times in my life, but I think I might keep up with it this time.  I want to be able to enjoy my evenings with happy, full kids and hubby.  This is the way to get those results.  I haven't got it down to a science, but what I do have, I'd love to share with those that need help getting ahead in the dinner dept.  Send me an email or comment on where to send my menus and I'll be glad to share. 

 Before I even began, I took inventory of what I had already in my cabinets, freezers, frig, and deep freeze.  I came up with recipes that would utilize those things.  I also considered what was on sale in the grocery store, what I had coupons for, and what I could price match.  Then I made a calendar with a general schedule on it:  when we would be out of town, at dinners, special meals, extra guests, and anything that might change what I'm making for the day. Then I did a search in cookbooks and online to fit with recipes that looked good or I've wanted to try.  I also considered what things freeze well or not.  When plugging in recipes on my menu, I was careful not to put like items within a week of each other (ie. chili and Mexican casserole).  A guideline could be a entrée for each day:  Sunday:  Beef , Monday:  Pasta, Tuesday:  Chicken, Wednesday:  Casserole, Thursday:  Pizza, Friday:  Fish, Saturday:  Favorites or Leftovers.   After getting the recipes organized, figure out how much you are going to need of items when it's time to hit the stores (ie.  10 lbs chicken to make 4 meals of chicken for the month).  Once menu is together and a grocery list is made, it's time to go shopping.

  I started with a very large grocery shopping trip that took quite a few hours.  This particular trip, I did not have time to clip coupons and ad match, but you can really save yourself money by doing these two things.  Be careful not to fall in the trap of buying things you don't need or won't use just because you have a coupon for it.  It's not saving you money if you can't utilize it and end up throwing it out.  I usually shop at Walmart and they will always price match sales from other stores as long as it's the same item/same brand.  Some stores will match meats, etc. even if it's not the same brand, but you will have to check this in advance with your local store.  Take a friend or family member along with you, as you will need help loading and unloading groceries.  Unloading will take almost as long as that shopping trip if you don't have helpers.  Now, you've had a long day.  Time to go to bed and start fresh in the morning.

Now, the next few days you will spend cooking the foods you have bought.  I start with cooking meats at once.  My chicken, I put in the crock pot on low for about 5 hours with a can of broth and it came out perfect for shredding.  I cooked up all my bacon.  I did not cook my fish in advance because it doesn't refreeze that great.  For those meals, I just get all the dry ingredients together and put them in a gallon size Ziploc, write what it's for, and freeze it with the fish package.  Then I move dish by dish, using tinfoil throwaway pans, Ziploc bags, and inexpensive throwaway plastic containers with lids (I reuse the plastic containers, but throw out the pans and bags--easy clean up).  I portion out the prepared foods, cut cheeses, and mixed dry ingredients and bake meals that do better previously baked and cover the rest with foil or bag it, and move along to the next meal.  This process actually takes 2-3 days for me (going on day 3 of cooking, but that's because I keep adding more stuff:))

                  At the left is my Christmas Tree of bacon.  It's so beautiful my friend decided she needed to celebrate every morning with a bacon Christmas tree:)  On the right is an example of a packaged meal with all the ingredients ready to freeze.  All I have to do is thaw the bag and throw everything into the skillet the day we are going to eat it!  Be sure to have any ingredients that need to be included set aside or marked in the cabinet so they don't get used for other things in the meantime.  This particular meal needs tomato soup from the cabinet, so I will set
                                                 a can aside that is for this meal.  Below are some Sammy sandwiches
                                                 that my kids eat up before I even have a chance to put them on the

Last, but not least, I look at my menu that morning and pull that meal out of the freezer.  I let it set on the counter or in the frig (depending on how long I might be away from the house).  Then, when I get home or the kids are home, I have them stick the product in the oven or quickly prepare the meal on the stove and enjoy a meal with my family.  I posted a picture of my meal tonight, "Chicken Roll Ups" and many were asking for the recipe, so here it is.  It's quick and easy to make and the family will eat them up in no time!  I make a triple batch for my household of 10:)  This particular recipe came from a wonderful lady, Mindy Kampen, that attended my church many years ago.  She was a beautiful example of a Godly homemaker and a hostess of the highest excellence.  Sadly, 2 years ago she contracted a rare heart virus that took her life unexpectedly.  Every time I make this recipe, I remember Mindy and what a wonderful example she was to us younger women.  Thank you, Mindy.  You are missed.

Chicken Roll Ups
Cooked chicken pieces (I use breasts boiled in water)
1 pkg Crescent Rolls
1 can cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup milk
1/2-1 cup shredded cheddar cheese (I use 1-1/2 cups-I like cheesy)
Combine milk, soup, and shredded cheese in pan and heat till melted.  Pour 1/2 or less of sauce in bottom of baking dish.  Put chicken chunks on wide end of crescent roll.  Roll up and place on sauce.  Pour rest of sauce over and bake at 350* for 1/2 hour.  I serve this with a salad and it's a filling meal.

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Holiday Tradition of the Christmas Ornament

Each year as a gift that is opened for Christmas Eve, we have an ornament for each family member that represents them for that year.  When my kids were younger, we had motorcycles, trains, and tractors, along with Bob the Builder and Sponge Bob Square Pants.  The girls had Hello Kitty, Barbie, and dancing pigs and soft kitty cats.  Each year Mom's ornament would be one that could be used as a family portrait.  I treasure these ornaments each year as I open up the boxes and hand each ornament to each child as they hang it upon the Christmas tree.  I love to look at the homemade ornaments that my kids have made me also.  The hand-painted snowman and the felted Christmas tree that holds a picture of my son from his kindergarten year.  We will watch a movie such as Polar Express or listen to Christmas music, as my husband prepares hot chocolate drink and popcorn for everyone.  It's always so much work to get everything unloaded, but I wouldn't trade the memories made with my kids for all the treasures in the world.  Welcome to the holiday season.  May your seasons be blessed with fond memories that brings the Christ Child nearer to you this whole year through.  For more thoughts from me, please check out Shiny Objects from a mom's journey to finding Hope.

Friday, November 21, 2014

An Attitude Check At the Holidays

So, it's almost here and I can feel the tension rising in my body.  There's groceries to be bought, rooms to be cleaned, and, what's this here?  An attitude that creeped in somehow!  Why isn't my sister making the food?  Why does it always have to be at my house?  I just can't stand being around that man for more than an hour!  There's just too much going on and I'm overwhelmed!  I'm so lonely this time of the year, why doesn't someone want to be with me?  Maybe you can relate to one of more of these feelings as the holidays blow in.  But take heart!  God spoke to my heart this week about my attitude.  (Here's my blog, if you're interested)  So, I will rest in Him knowing He has me covered:)  I know life will get a bit crazy over the next week and I may not have time to check in, so be blessed this Holiday season and may you experience a God breath to carry you through.  Here's some words of wisdom by Charles Stanley that bring it all in perspective.

Gratitude impacts every area of our lives. – By Dr. Charles Stanley 

By giving us the command to always give thanks, God is not rubbing salt in a wound or calling us to set aside reason. He knows that being thankful in all circumstances has a powerful impact on every area of our Christian life. Here are ten lessons I’ve learned:
1. Gratitude keeps us continually aware that the Lord is close by. Even though gratefulness doesn’t come naturally in difficult circumstances, a decision to thank God for walking with us through life makes us more sensitive to His comforting presence.
2. It motivates us to look for His purpose in our circumstance. Knowing that the Lord allows hurt and trouble for His good purposes takes the edge off the pain. Even if we don’t understand why we’re going through suffering, we can thank God because we know that in His time, He’ll work it all for good. In the meantime, we can rest in the knowledge that He’s using every hardship to transform us into the image of His Son (Rom. 8:28-29).
3. Thanksgiving helps bring our will into submission to God. When the situation we’re experiencing is the last thing we’d ever want, thanking the Lord is a giant step toward being able to follow Christ’s example and say, “Not my will, but Yours be done” (Luke 22:42). Gratitude helps us acknowledge that God’s will is best, even if it’s hard; in that way, we are able to release our hold on what we want. Although the circumstances may remain the same, submission changes our heart.
4. It reminds us of our continual dependence upon the Lord. Pride, adequacy, and independence evaporate whenever we’re trapped in a situation that leaves us helpless and hopeless. If there’s no way out, thanking God for His control over all things reminds us that He alone is our strength.
5. Thankfulness is an essential ingredient for joy. There’s no way to “rejoice always” (1 Thess. 5:16) without giving thanks in everything (v. 18). That’s why ungrateful people are so grumpy. Joy is an inner sense of contentment, which flows from a deep assurance that all God’s purposes are good and He’s in complete control of every situation. With that kind of supernatural joy, it’s easy to be thankful.
6. A grateful attitude strengthens our witness to unbelievers. The world is filled with people who are angry, frustrated, and overwhelmed with the difficulties of life. But a believer with a grateful attitude is like a light shining in a dark place. The people around you will want to know why you don’t grumble and complain the way everyone else does. Then you can tell them about your amazing Savior.
7. Thanking God focuses our attention on Him rather than our circumstances. The key to a grateful heart begins with understanding the Lord’s character because knowing His awesome attributes motivates trust and gratitude. He knows exactly what you’re going through, loves you unconditionally, and understands you perfectly. When you thank Him in tough times, He gets bigger, and the circumstances become smaller.
8. Gratitude gives us eternal perspective. The apostle Paul is an amazing example of a man who suffered extreme hardship yet remained thankful. That’s because he was able to see life from God’s perspective. In 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, he says our present suffering is “momentary light affliction.” If you’re going through a really hard time, those words may sound ridiculous. Maybe you’ve been dealing with pain your entire life, or a difficult trial has dragged on for decades. It hardly seems momentary or light. But Paul is comparing our situations here on earth with what’s awaiting us in eternity. For him, a 40-year stretch of pain and hardship was no match for the “eternal weight of glory” awaiting him (2 Cor. 4:17). What an amazing thought—your present pain has the potential to produce incomparable glory for you in heaven. Now that’s a big reason to thank God!
9. When we’re wearied by our circumstances, thanksgiving energizes us. Most of us can handle short trials, but if they continue for a long period of time, the emotional and physical strain is exhausting. Should ongoing illness, unresolved relational problems, or continued financial pressures become more than we can bear, it’s time to start thanking God because He has promised to give strength to the weary (Isaiah 40:29). He’ll release His supernatural energy within us so we can patiently endure the trial and come out victorious on the other side.
10. Gratitude transforms anxiety into peace, which passes all understanding (Phil. 4:6-7). I learned this principle through a very difficult experience. When I was feeling anxious about the situation, I discovered that complaining, getting angry, and arguing with God didn’t change my circumstances. Finally, in desperation, I began thanking Him. Only then did I receive His incomprehensible peace. My situation didn’t change for quite a while, but God’s peace guarded my heart all the way through that trying time.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The End of Football Season

The end of my son's football season for the year is culminating today at his state championship game.  I am just amazed at the growth that has taken place in him this year (his freshman year).  It was just last year that we struggled so much with attitudes and anger issues, respect and responsibility.  I wondered what kind of an adult this kid was going to turn out to be, because where we were at wasn't looking so good.  I remember feeling that we just had to get him some help or his issues were going to get the best of him.  I looked into counseling, which just made him angrier and resentful to me.  I looked into Tae Kwan Do to learn respect and honor, but he pleaded and begged not to go that route, promising to make a change.  But what were we going to do?  I resolved to take it to the Lord, as I asked a friend of mine to pray with me that God would give guidance on this issue.

I was a little unsure at the beginning of the school year whether to sign my boy up for football with a local homeschooling team, IHS.  The cost was pricey and practices were going to require an everyday commitment from August to November.  But, something inside of me knew he needed the interaction of other kids and the exercise would be good for him, so we took a leap and signed him up.

It has been a big commitment to get him to said practices everyday, but I have watched him learn so much more than just football with this team.  I really noticed it as we were heading to his friend's birthday party last night.  Somehow we got in a discussion about a man's/father's responsibility to take care of his family.   He was telling me that his coaches discussed with the team that, as men of God, we have a responsibility to our family and, in the future, our wives and children.  We need to provide for them and this is done through working hard and following through with the things we work for.  I have to say, I was blown away!  My boy was getting it!  He was learning that the world isn't just here to serve him, but that he was here to be a part of something bigger!  And he was willing to be that man!  I am so thankful for IHS and Ric Mitchell's vision for this sports organization.  I know there are big things ahead for this group and I'm honored to be a part.  I'm so thankful the coaches were willing to invest in my son, not just to play a sport, but to guide him spiritually and to help him become a responsible adult.  I look forward to the next few precious years we have with this team, but for today, LET'S GO LIONS!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Do you feel it?  Do you feel the Holy Spirit telling us it's time to pray?  I feel it so strongly.  Folks, it is time to pray!  You know, you don't have to be a scholar proficient in the doctrinal faith to say a prayer.  Prayer is just a personal relationship between you and God.  He hears the prayers, "Help me!" just as much as he hears the Latin prayers offered up in the tallest cathedrals in the world.  He longs to speak to our hearts and fill us with more revelation of who he is.  We just have to take that step and call out to him from our hearts.  Maybe you've never learned how to develop a prayer life.  No one is able to do that for you, but here are some thoughts that might help you get started. Becoming a Praying Family  I would also add to start with reading the Bible and praying scripture.  God will speak to you just because you ask.  There's no right or wrong way to do it.  Are you ready?  Let's become prayer warriors for God and trust that He will meet us where we are!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Encouragement For The Birds

Ok, so my kids aren't really birds, but I have always called them chickens.  But, I wanted to take a few minutes while writing on the topic of Encouragement For Our Kids, to encourage my kids.  I have been so blessed with 5 beautiful children (6 with the son-in-law).  Each one is so different from the other, I have had the opportunity to learn so much from all of them.  First is the oldest, Ashlee.  Although she wasn't born my biological child, she has grown on me through the past 17 years.  She is a child that has endured much in her life, yet she has chosen to stay steadfast in following the Lord.  She has had many chances for her heart to grow cold and bitter, yet she has always chosen to forgive everyone and even encourage those relationships that haven't come easy.  She has sought out what is best for her life and chosen that path to take, including her choice to recently marry Cameron, who has been such an awesome addition to the family.  He is a hard worker, seeker of God's will, level headed, crazy fun (especially with my boy), and has brought a whole new set of awesome parents into our lives to help "raise" our daughter.  Who could ask for more?

The next child down the pecking order is Britnee Michele.  I am so thankful to have been blessed with this child.  God knew the struggles I would be up against with other children (cough, cough) and knew that I needed an easy child in the mix, so He gave me Brit Brit.  Although she was a colic-y baby at the beginning, she has always brought a smile to her mother's face.  If any a child could be delightful, she is that child.  She is so caring and considerate for others that she puts her mother to shame most of the time.  She thinks with a level head and has such a servants heart.  She is always the first to volunteer to help me out and she's the only one of my kids that will just spend time with me, even if that means just sitting at my feet.  Her brother came along just 17 months after she was born and was so much more demanding than her.  She gave up her spot beside me to allow that boy in and still continually gives up that spot to be close to her momma for that boy and any of the other craziness that mom takes on in her life.  She loves Jesus with all her heart and seeks to honor him.  She is a leader and example to other girls her age, always encouraging them to follow Jesus, as she does. She is an excellent photographer, a girl after her mom's heart.  She has a great future ahead of her and will do great things!

Next in line is my boy, Bradlee Wyatt.  He is definitely my strong willed boy that has gave me a run for my money since he was born!  We have learned every technique of discipline out there while raising this child, but he definitely has had his momma's heart from the get go!  He has always been my "watchful owl" in keeping everyone in line and order.  He is one of the most wittiest kids I've ever met.  Although he appears to be rude to others that talk to him, he has given me a true perspective of the introvert personality and what it means to be shy.  He knows what he wants and can usually figure out a way to get it.  He has the true entrepreneurial spirit and yet the boy knows how to have fun.  He works hard helping his dad do the man things around the house and takes care of those things that mom sometimes forgets (like feeding the dogs and locking the doors before bed).  He loves God and is growing up more and more everyday.  I enjoy spending time with him and always discovering new things about my boy that I didn't know before.

The youngest in the clan is my Ellee Belle.  Yesterday we celebrated 5 years of her "Gotcha Day" and she has been a treat since the day she became a Ketcham.  She might dance to a beat of different drum, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  She enjoys being close to her momma at all times and always gives me a chance to show unconditional love in a new way.  She is very kind and considerate of others and always wants to be helpful, whatever the situation.  Whatever is going on, she is really into whatever it is.  She loves unconditionally and has taught me so much about what that means.  I look forward to watching her grow and what God has in store for her future.

And last, but not least, I have had the pleasure of being a mom to an exceptional young lady, Bree Ketcham.  Although our relationship has not been the typical mother/daughter relationship, I love that God gave me the chance to be mom to this child.  She has been through much in her short 18 years of life and she has handled life it with tenacity and perseverance.  She is strong headed and sure of what she wants.  She has worked hard to be what she is today.  She has just recently decided to pursue her dream of nursing and is attending college to accomplish that dream.

I love my children and pray that my words will be encouraging every time I see them.

Friday, July 18, 2014

I'm not gonna lie, sometimes it's hard to start something new or daunting.  But it is always worth the effort once you "get 'er done".  Check out today's article, Just Getting Started, to learn six simple ways you can get started on your dreams and goals.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


James 1:21
Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you,  which can save you.

As I read this verse, I said to myself, "Get rid of moral filth?  Check. I can do that!  Get rid of evil that is so prevalent?  No problem!"  But then I came to the part, "humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you".  Now, that means I'm to have a teachable spirit.   It goes on to say,  "Do not merely listen to the word,  and so deceive yourselves.   Do what it says. "   Those parts are so much harder to "listen to"  than actually do!  It means,  "So you don't like it?  Do it anyway!  So you want to be in my presence?  Then, do it regardless!  You want to get involved in that gossip?   Shut your mouth just because my word says! "  I struggle with getting my actions to align with God's Word sometimes.   Do you too?  This is my prayer;  that as I read God's Word, that I would have a teachable spirit within me, and that I would not only acknowledge the words that God says,  but will take action to DO what His Word says.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Worship in the Busyness

My life is always busy.  Like most Americans, I fill up my time with "very important stuff" that consumes me in the free moments I have.  Sometimes I find myself dry and empty, spiritually speaking, and find my attitude slipping and things being said that I wish hadn't popped out.  I have learned that it's in these times, more than ever, that I need to worship.  Worship pulls us into the presence of God and waters our soul.  When we submit ourselves to God in worship, we get his attention.  He hears our adoration and renews our hearts with fresh oil.  Then we can continue to pour into those around us, because He has renewed our spirit.  This is sometimes hard to do when we are so busy.  I make it a priority to turn worship music on as I'm working on projects or riding in the car.  I love to listen to Hillsong United and Planet Shakers, Kim Walker (Jesus Culture) and Rita Springer.  Their words usher me into His presence.  Maybe you need to take assessment today of  your attitude.  Maybe turn on some worship music and let your spirit be renewed.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebrating the Fourth with Family

What a better time to celebrate family than July 4th.  I have fond memories of this holiday growing up.  I also look forward to the new traditions beginning as our family expands.  If you would like to read more,  click here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


So the blogging has been put on hold this last week due to several family coming into town.  I know I have left my readers sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the next blog:)  My apologies for those awaiting.  So, I have more family coming in to town tonight and tomorrow.   On Saturday, I have a fun day of handing out flyers to the community about Cornerstone's upcoming event, Marketplace.  Still family in town into early next week.  Kids to camp on Sunday.  Then a possible trip to Texas to see more family for a few days.  Whew!  Such a busy few weeks!  I have started a new blog entry that I'm working on in between everything else and hope to share that with you soon.  It's about trust.  Why not trust?  So, be looking for that.  Until then, say a prayer for me.  I've been feeling unusually tired this last few weeks.  Going to call and set an appointment with the doctor today and hopefully figure out what's going on.  Hoping it's just my vitamin D levels low or something easily cared for like that.  Be blessed friends and thanks for checking in with me:)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day for the Ketchams

In retrospect to yesterday's Father's Day adventures I say...."It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times..."  Come on, now, let's just be honest.  The pressure of the day to be a perfect day for dad tends to become too much when reality of our imperfect lives make the day, well, let's just say, different than expected or anticipated.  I don't have anything against days set aside to honor the ones we love the most, but I find myself discouraged and feeling like something is wrong with me because I'm just not feeling everyone's Face book posts of the awesomeness of the holiday at hand.  In reality, I'm sitting around thinking how disappointed my family member must be (or how disappointed I am) because, quite frankly I just want to do what I do every Sunday after church, and that is sleep!  Even on Mother's Day!  Imagine that!  Sleep!

The reality of our day was that my husband did get to spend the morning solving the everyday dilemmas of a Sunday morning at church.  Less than pleasant?  Maybe.  But we, as a family, happen to find great contentment EVERY SUNDAY in being with one purpose to fulfill the call of Children's Ministry that God has placed on our lives.  Then, after church, we were able to spend time at our oldest daughter's house.  My husband enjoyed time with the kids for a few hours (ok, so my nap was going to have to wait a little while).   As the day progressed, we experienced less than desirable events that will go down in the history books as "Lessons Learned As A Parent", but it's all a part of this journey we're on called parenting.  At least, right in the middle of it, I trust God that he's got it under control.  And, it's all part of God's plan to grow us into what He wants us to be.  I'll learn to be content with right where I'm at:  between totally imperfect and crazy to boot!  I also waited until after my nap AND a good night's rest to write a post on this (because who wants another perfectly painted, distorted picture that leaves someone desiring to have a day just like me).

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Courage to be Honest with Me

Luke 12: 6-7  " Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies?  Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.  Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows."

Courage is defined as "the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without FEAR."  I've been thinking about fear a lot this week.  Fear comes in many forms.  Fear can be a result of our human brain's assessment of an experience according to an accumulation of past experiences, feelings, and understanding of the situation.  What has interested me this week is our interpretation of circumstances that result in fear.  What got us to the conclusion that we need to fear?  All of us have difficult circumstances that arise throughout our lives.  Everyone has, at one time or other,  had those people that have let them down, left their lives, or hurt their naïve hearts and scarred the image of a perfect world.  After all, we live in a sin-filled world, full of those that need forgiveness.  We cannot get away from that. The Word of God says, "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

So, when does fear take its grip?  When do we start to believe our assessment of our situations and decline to take flight because of fear?  I have had the experience of finding fearless love for children that had a disadvantage early on in their lives.  For them, they learned fear of abandonment, fear of physical abuse, and fear of this world without a loving, nurturing hand from their beginning.  For them, the learned behavior of fear has become a primal instinct for survival.  Years later, the repercussions of those early years have stayed with them and affect their lives at every turn.  Sometimes the fear is crippling to their growth as a healthy individual, especially when it comes to relationships.  It is not easy to overcome the desire to control, manipulate, or quit things that are difficult or hard for them.

So where does that leave me?  Although I was not an abused or neglected child, I still sometimes experience lack of "quality of mind" that enables me to face difficulty, danger, and pain.  I have noticed this week the subtle waves of insecure thoughts that cross my mind, even in the most unforeseen places of my busy days.  Self doubt creeps in, reminding me of my past failures and how I will fail again.  Hesitation cripples me as I think, "Am I going to mess up?  Are they going to accept me? What if I am wrong?"  And so, I can choose to accept these lies that I'm a failure and it's never going to work, or I can be honest with where those fearful thoughts are coming from.  I can choose to acknowledge where those thoughts are from and choose to use a new pattern of courage and not of fear.  I can pray as Elijah did in 2 Kings 6:17, that God would open my eyes so that I might see the unseen, and know that God's got this!  He knows my name and everything about me.  The fears I have are just wrong signals from my human mind.  I have a big God that has His army encamped around me and has GOOD plans for me, BIG plans for me!  I will have courage to move ahead, knowing Christ is in control!  And I will not fear what God has planned for me.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hallelujah!  At 10:41 at night, I have figured out how to change my Title....I want to thank all the little people. HeHe

A Bit of Frustration

As with most things, starting something new can be a bit frustrating!  If you happen to be keeping track, I'm about 4 hours into my "new season" of blogging.  I might of stopped in between to take a small, child-disturbed nap, switched laundry loads, prepared a quick, healthy dinner, loaded the dishwasher, directed a kid to bedtime routines, braided one kid's hair, and cleaned up dog throw up (of which I'm not happy about!), and proceeded to switch laundry again due to said dog mess, BUT I'm already experiencing perfectionist complications! You see, I thought I was to put in the title of the blog I was writing.  Instead, it posted as my blog page Title!  For the love of everything orderly, HOW DO I CHANGE IT????  I've tried every button I can see to push and none leads me to that Title spot!!!!!!!  I do believe those trials and testing moments have already begun.  Will this be a post that says, ".....to be continued.."  That is the question!

A New Season

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven."  Ecclesiastes 3:1

Every season begins somewhere. Sometimes the season begins slowly, after much thought and preparation.    Other times, seasons begin abruptly, where immediate action has to fill the holes until there's time to think.  Different seasons can create happiness and joy, or sometimes leaves us unprepared, scared, confused, or maybe devastated. Either way, we are catapulted into a new realm that will most assuredly test and grow us, shaping us more and more into that person that God has created us to be.  There will be new tests and challenges to face.  Some seasons will last years, and some will pass so quickly, we wonder where the time has gone! Each season we are given presents itself with questions;  "What am I going to do with these moments I've been given?  Where is my attitude toward the challenge before me?  What am I contributing to eternity through my actions in this season?"  I pray that with each season given to me, that I will consider it all joy, be in the moment, and have my rest and renewal always in my Heavenly Father.  Today, a new season begins for me, a journey in written form...may my Father God be glorified in this season also.