Friday, August 1, 2014

Encouragement For The Birds

Ok, so my kids aren't really birds, but I have always called them chickens.  But, I wanted to take a few minutes while writing on the topic of Encouragement For Our Kids, to encourage my kids.  I have been so blessed with 5 beautiful children (6 with the son-in-law).  Each one is so different from the other, I have had the opportunity to learn so much from all of them.  First is the oldest, Ashlee.  Although she wasn't born my biological child, she has grown on me through the past 17 years.  She is a child that has endured much in her life, yet she has chosen to stay steadfast in following the Lord.  She has had many chances for her heart to grow cold and bitter, yet she has always chosen to forgive everyone and even encourage those relationships that haven't come easy.  She has sought out what is best for her life and chosen that path to take, including her choice to recently marry Cameron, who has been such an awesome addition to the family.  He is a hard worker, seeker of God's will, level headed, crazy fun (especially with my boy), and has brought a whole new set of awesome parents into our lives to help "raise" our daughter.  Who could ask for more?

The next child down the pecking order is Britnee Michele.  I am so thankful to have been blessed with this child.  God knew the struggles I would be up against with other children (cough, cough) and knew that I needed an easy child in the mix, so He gave me Brit Brit.  Although she was a colic-y baby at the beginning, she has always brought a smile to her mother's face.  If any a child could be delightful, she is that child.  She is so caring and considerate for others that she puts her mother to shame most of the time.  She thinks with a level head and has such a servants heart.  She is always the first to volunteer to help me out and she's the only one of my kids that will just spend time with me, even if that means just sitting at my feet.  Her brother came along just 17 months after she was born and was so much more demanding than her.  She gave up her spot beside me to allow that boy in and still continually gives up that spot to be close to her momma for that boy and any of the other craziness that mom takes on in her life.  She loves Jesus with all her heart and seeks to honor him.  She is a leader and example to other girls her age, always encouraging them to follow Jesus, as she does. She is an excellent photographer, a girl after her mom's heart.  She has a great future ahead of her and will do great things!

Next in line is my boy, Bradlee Wyatt.  He is definitely my strong willed boy that has gave me a run for my money since he was born!  We have learned every technique of discipline out there while raising this child, but he definitely has had his momma's heart from the get go!  He has always been my "watchful owl" in keeping everyone in line and order.  He is one of the most wittiest kids I've ever met.  Although he appears to be rude to others that talk to him, he has given me a true perspective of the introvert personality and what it means to be shy.  He knows what he wants and can usually figure out a way to get it.  He has the true entrepreneurial spirit and yet the boy knows how to have fun.  He works hard helping his dad do the man things around the house and takes care of those things that mom sometimes forgets (like feeding the dogs and locking the doors before bed).  He loves God and is growing up more and more everyday.  I enjoy spending time with him and always discovering new things about my boy that I didn't know before.

The youngest in the clan is my Ellee Belle.  Yesterday we celebrated 5 years of her "Gotcha Day" and she has been a treat since the day she became a Ketcham.  She might dance to a beat of different drum, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  She enjoys being close to her momma at all times and always gives me a chance to show unconditional love in a new way.  She is very kind and considerate of others and always wants to be helpful, whatever the situation.  Whatever is going on, she is really into whatever it is.  She loves unconditionally and has taught me so much about what that means.  I look forward to watching her grow and what God has in store for her future.

And last, but not least, I have had the pleasure of being a mom to an exceptional young lady, Bree Ketcham.  Although our relationship has not been the typical mother/daughter relationship, I love that God gave me the chance to be mom to this child.  She has been through much in her short 18 years of life and she has handled life it with tenacity and perseverance.  She is strong headed and sure of what she wants.  She has worked hard to be what she is today.  She has just recently decided to pursue her dream of nursing and is attending college to accomplish that dream.

I love my children and pray that my words will be encouraging every time I see them.