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Worship Wednesday: Becky Kelley - Where's the Line to See Jesus

Worship Wednesday:  Where's The Line To See Jesus by Becky Kelley

I stumbled upon this song several years ago as I was running through my Facebook news feed.  I marveled at the concept that this song puts into our thoughts.  It's a perfect remembrance of the reason for the season.  One day, we will all stand before our Heavenly Father, in glorious worship, where time will not be important.  We will no longer be bound by time or so many other commitments and concerns.  Oh, what a glorious day that will be!

With only a little more than a week left till Christmas day, I'll be heading to these overcrowded stores with the masses to be that last minute shopper hustling around like a herd of animals.  I'm probably going to be more  stressed out this week than most.  I pray that my heart would be in the right place as I am a living witness of the miracle of my Savior's birth.  May you, also, find the line that let's you see Jesus.


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Dear Momma Monday: Mommy Fail

Dear Momma,

We have those days.  Those days when we feel like we messed up big time with our kids.  We forgot to send a lunch.  We locked our kids in the car with the keys inside (I admit it.  Really bad day.)  We yelled at a kid for just doing what kids do.  We didn't take a kid to the doctor because we thought they were faking it, only to find out they were really very sick.  What's your story?  We all have them.  And some days (usually certain times of the month-not naming which times) we just question whether we're even set up to do this gig.

Oh, and here's a good one:  The comparison game.  Sister Suzy seems to be the perfect mom.  She makes sure the kids brush their teeth (even the baby who doesn't have teeth, because you can never start too early, right?)  Or the one that has all the neighborhood kids over and supplies endless amounts of snacks for everyone (you know your kids tell you have nothing to eat at your house).  Or the mom that looks good ALL THE TIME!  She even has make up on at Walmart!  I mean, you're lucky you got a shower in the last 3 days, let alone make up!  Or, let's go a little deeper.  That wife that "takes care of her husband".  I mean, really?  Are you trying to make us all look bad????  Here's another one.  The friend that seems to always have time to have deep spiritual talks and time with God and always has fresh revelation to share with others.  Your prayer time sounds more like, "Help! I'm confused, hurt, and lonely and need more time! I can never be that spiritual to fill my cup because the kids ALWAYS consume me!"  How does she do it?  Why can't I be more like her?

I'm going to guess that someone out there knows what I'm talking about.  I'm going to guess that you've heard the same lying thoughts in your ears that says I'm not good enough.  I'm not what I thought I would be.  I have failed at ....  I'm here today to tell you that you are not those lies that you tell yourself.  Those lies are from the pit of hell, left there to discourage you and beat you down as you travel on your journey in motherhood.

God has picked you for this place and time in eternity to touch a soul.  He knows that you are incapable of doing it all perfect.  He's really good at using imperfect people to do amazing things.  I mean, look at David, whose heart was said to be "a heart after God", and yet he was a murderer, consumed by his lusts of another man's wife.  Look at Paul.  He killed Christians.  He was rough around the edges. Yet God used him to spread the message of Christ to the world.  What about Rahab?  She was a prostitute that was used to protect God's people from death!  I would say these people were just a few of the many that were less than perfect, yet were still chosen by God to do a job.  He has chosen you to be the mom of your children.  You CAN do it and you're the best person to do it!

So, even on those days that you feel like you have a big "FAIL" written across your forehead, remember, you can pick yourself back up.  His mercies are new every morning.  And sometimes we need to see that His mercies are new every minute.  You can do this!  You can rise above your circumstance and carry on.  One minute at a time!  Acknowledge your imperfect and embrace it.  Learn from it and grow from it.  Because some little body needs you.  Just the way you are!



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Worship Wednesday: Just Another Christmas

Today's worship song might have been posted a little late, but when I heard this song, I thought how true this song Just Another Christmas by Laura Story truly is.  It's so easy to get caught up on all the things that need to get done during the holidays.   Sometimes it just feels like auto pilot as you buy the gifts, make the food, go to Christmas plays and concerts, blah, blah, blah.  It feels like it just all comes at ya, sometimes with no meaning or feeling.  Yes, we all know what it means, but I'm talking about really living in the revelation that the God who made us now provided the long anticipated connection between Him and His Bride.  By this magic moment the whole earth, for all eternity, would be forever changed.  Divinity touched humanity.

I've heard it said that December 25th would not have been the actual day of the Savior's birth.  In a sense, I'm glad that is true because of what we have made the "Holy Day" to be.  I want to make a concentrated effort to make this not just another year, but to seek His presence during this season.  I want to live it as a young child experiencing it for the very first time.  I don't want it to be diluted with my "to do"s and the unnecessary extras.  I want to worship my God as I remember the awesome wonder that He did when He gave everything to be with me.  Join me as I worship today.



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Worship Wednesday: Good Good Father

This song has been on my heart lately. It's not just for the fact that it is played on the radio A LOT, but because the words just speak to me so greatly. When I was a young girl, very young, I was daddy's girl. I remember my dad would be sleeping in the recliner and I just couldn't wait to climb up into his arms and rest on his chest with no cares in the world. His arms were comfort and security for me. His chest moving up and down let me know that I was close to his heart, his very breath. I knew I was his girl and I was truly loved. Time and circumstances changed that relationship between me and my earthly father. After my parents divorced, my mom and sister and I moved more than 700 miles away from my dad. He struggled with depression and distanced himself from us. The relationship we had never put me back in the arms of my dad. To this day, there are moments that I would just love to curl up on my daddy's lap and rest in knowing that he's got this. I know he loves me, but life (and sin) marred the picture of our relationship. When I hear this song, Good Good Father, I am reminded that I truly have a good, good father. My earthly father loved me, but so much more does my heavenly father! My Heavenly Father does not fail me. He is perfect is all His ways. Not just for everyone else, but to me. He sees the tears when no one else knows to look. He tenderly holds me and tells me to rest in His arms. To rest. Without the cares of this world. Because He's got this. And because of who He is, I have an identity. It's found in Him. I am loved. I. am. loved. That who I am. If you ask me who I am, my response would be, "a daughter to Caroline, a wife to Tim, a mother to Ash, Bree, Brit, Brad, and El, a housecleaner for ..., a friend to ...". But, when I let it sink in that "I am loved by my good, good Father," I have a new identity. I am loved! And you are loved. When it feels like the world is crashing down, you are loved. Your heavenly Father knows you and loves you. You can come against anything that comes your way with rest and reassurance that your Heavenly Father has got this. Be blessed as you listen and worship with Casting Crowns as they sing Chris Tomlin's Good Good Father. Blessings, Angie