Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Worship Wednesday: Good Good Father

This song has been on my heart lately. It's not just for the fact that it is played on the radio A LOT, but because the words just speak to me so greatly. When I was a young girl, very young, I was daddy's girl. I remember my dad would be sleeping in the recliner and I just couldn't wait to climb up into his arms and rest on his chest with no cares in the world. His arms were comfort and security for me. His chest moving up and down let me know that I was close to his heart, his very breath. I knew I was his girl and I was truly loved. Time and circumstances changed that relationship between me and my earthly father. After my parents divorced, my mom and sister and I moved more than 700 miles away from my dad. He struggled with depression and distanced himself from us. The relationship we had never put me back in the arms of my dad. To this day, there are moments that I would just love to curl up on my daddy's lap and rest in knowing that he's got this. I know he loves me, but life (and sin) marred the picture of our relationship. When I hear this song, Good Good Father, I am reminded that I truly have a good, good father. My earthly father loved me, but so much more does my heavenly father! My Heavenly Father does not fail me. He is perfect is all His ways. Not just for everyone else, but to me. He sees the tears when no one else knows to look. He tenderly holds me and tells me to rest in His arms. To rest. Without the cares of this world. Because He's got this. And because of who He is, I have an identity. It's found in Him. I am loved. I. am. loved. That who I am. If you ask me who I am, my response would be, "a daughter to Caroline, a wife to Tim, a mother to Ash, Bree, Brit, Brad, and El, a housecleaner for ..., a friend to ...". But, when I let it sink in that "I am loved by my good, good Father," I have a new identity. I am loved! And you are loved. When it feels like the world is crashing down, you are loved. Your heavenly Father knows you and loves you. You can come against anything that comes your way with rest and reassurance that your Heavenly Father has got this. Be blessed as you listen and worship with Casting Crowns as they sing Chris Tomlin's Good Good Father. Blessings, Angie

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