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All Things New: Refashion Friday: A Perfect Fit

All Things New: Refashion Friday: A Perfect Fit: I had the pleasure of having a very dear friend from high school come visit me this week.  We had so much fun catching up for a few hour...

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All Things New: Little Bit Boho Zippity Zig Zag

All Things New: Little Bit Boho Zippity Zig Zag: Little Bit Boho...Zippity Zig Zag As I cleaned through my mounds and mounds of refashion possibilities this week, I came across this cu...

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Jonny Diaz - Breathe - Official Lyric Video

Wednesday Worship: Just Breath by Jonny Diaz
By Angie Ketcham

It's so hard to slow down in this crazy world.  When I hear this song, I feel as if the Father speaks to me personally.  He says I have so much more for you if you will just breathe and take a moment to spend time in my presence.

I get newsletters from a lady that teaches yoga and meditation in our town.  Her latest letter told of a journey she is taking next month to get away for 10 days of doing nothing but meditating in one position for like 10 hours a day.  She will eat two vegetarian meals a day and drink tea for dinner.  The goal is to work through baggage by finding and centering herself.  

Quite honestly, I'm pretty impressed with her tenacity to sit and be still for hours at a time.  I mean, I have trouble with five minutes.  My mind is always going 100 miles an hour.  Even when I'm resting, I'm thinking of all the things I need to do, evaluating my day or actions, thinking of how to make things work, or a myriad of other things that go through my head.  It doesn't stop.  Since I found out about this lady's journey, I have made an effort to just pause. To sit in silence.  To just breathe.  To find my inner strength through peace.  I have to say, it's definitely a challenge.  I can only do a few minutes at a time before thoughts crowd out the silence.  

So, I am making this an objective.  This week, as I do my job of cleaning, I have listened to youtube "spontaneous worship" music and let thoughts of God's love and my love to Him fill my heart.  I have taken deeps breaths and closed my eyes (obviously in between cleaning-haha) and offered up my breaths to the one who gave the breath to me in the first place.  I have listened rather than talked.  I've acknowledged the power of the breath I breathe and give it back to God.  There is a "second wind" that comes from stopping and letting go.  May we all find that breath.

Blessings, Angie

Monday, February 1, 2016

Trim Healthy Mama Monday-100 Day Challenge

My First "Before" picture, taken August 2015
I've debated back and forth on whether to share my journey of weight loss with the world.  Truth is, it puts me in a vulnerable state on many levels.  First, there's the truth about my weight and size.  I know when a person sees me out in public they see my size.  But, truth be told, I work really hard to cover it up and chances are pretty high that someone will not come to my face and tell me what they really think of my size.  When I put it out there for anyone to read about and look at, it's so much easier for people to hide behind the internet and say what's really on their mind.  Vulnerable state.

Next, I'm happy with the body that I'm in, even right now.  God has made me wondrously and beautifully right where I'm at.  I have always strived for healthy balance in my life.  Unfortunately, old habits are hard to let go, especially when things are stressful or emotionally draining in my life.  Every day presents its own struggles and challenges.  And I fail. A lot.  When I let my blog tell my journey, I create a certain expectation to my reader.  An expectation that I will finish this.  And I will. But, when I put myself up for display, I have to be responsible to those who have encouraged me.  And I want to.  But, here I'll tell you in advance, I slip,  I mess up, I get mad, discouraged, frustrated, and busy, and don't follow through (it's my ADHD way).  So, putting it out there puts in writing my flaws and I don't like to see it.

Thirdly,  I'm not any better than anyone else and I don't ever want to give the impression that I'm superior in this subject (or any other, for that matter).  My intent is to document my journey, rejoice in my progress, and encourage others to become the best that they can be (and Healthy).  That is what I hope to gain from sharing my journey and so, I will make myself vulnerable to you.
This is my "before" as a start the 100 Day Challenge.
My goal will be to lose those flabby arms, take away the
chunky middle, smooth out the saddle bags, and
waste away that rump.

This is my "before" as a start the 100 Day Challenge.
My goal will be to lose those flabby arms, take away the
chunky middle, smooth out the saddle bags, and
waste away that rump.

My before picture all natural!  Double Chin has
got to go!  We've been together a long time,
but I must be rid of you!
This is my "before" as a start the 100 Day Challenge.
My goal will be to lose those flabby arms, take away the
chunky middle, smooth out the saddle bags, and
waste away that rump.

I'm so glad that I discovered Trim Healthy Mama through others that have taken the journey before me.  I'm thankful for Priscilla and Serene sharing the vision that God put on their hearts.  It's awesome to finally have a doable eating plan that actually let's me feel satisfied and is really very yummy while doing it.  At the start of the challenge, I am down approximately 15 pounds from my summer picture.  It's not going to be about the number on the scale.  It's more about how I look and feel.  At this point, I have not added any exercise, but that all changes today.  My goal is P90x and on the off days, getting back to running a mile or two a day.  It's not a diet because it's not something I do to lose weight then go back to normal eating. It's a yummy, delicious alternative to feeling like crap all the time.  On Mondays I will share the week's journey with my reading friends.  If you would like to join me on this journey of the 100 Day Challenge, seek out the Facebook page and join the fun!  We'll cross that finish line together (or is there a finish line?)

My First Meal of the 100 Day Challenge:  2 fried eggs, Brianna Thomas's 5 ingredient hot chocolate (yummo), my Perfect Energy Hot Tea, and regular water.

Loves, Angie