Saturday, November 8, 2014

The End of Football Season

The end of my son's football season for the year is culminating today at his state championship game.  I am just amazed at the growth that has taken place in him this year (his freshman year).  It was just last year that we struggled so much with attitudes and anger issues, respect and responsibility.  I wondered what kind of an adult this kid was going to turn out to be, because where we were at wasn't looking so good.  I remember feeling that we just had to get him some help or his issues were going to get the best of him.  I looked into counseling, which just made him angrier and resentful to me.  I looked into Tae Kwan Do to learn respect and honor, but he pleaded and begged not to go that route, promising to make a change.  But what were we going to do?  I resolved to take it to the Lord, as I asked a friend of mine to pray with me that God would give guidance on this issue.

I was a little unsure at the beginning of the school year whether to sign my boy up for football with a local homeschooling team, IHS.  The cost was pricey and practices were going to require an everyday commitment from August to November.  But, something inside of me knew he needed the interaction of other kids and the exercise would be good for him, so we took a leap and signed him up.

It has been a big commitment to get him to said practices everyday, but I have watched him learn so much more than just football with this team.  I really noticed it as we were heading to his friend's birthday party last night.  Somehow we got in a discussion about a man's/father's responsibility to take care of his family.   He was telling me that his coaches discussed with the team that, as men of God, we have a responsibility to our family and, in the future, our wives and children.  We need to provide for them and this is done through working hard and following through with the things we work for.  I have to say, I was blown away!  My boy was getting it!  He was learning that the world isn't just here to serve him, but that he was here to be a part of something bigger!  And he was willing to be that man!  I am so thankful for IHS and Ric Mitchell's vision for this sports organization.  I know there are big things ahead for this group and I'm honored to be a part.  I'm so thankful the coaches were willing to invest in my son, not just to play a sport, but to guide him spiritually and to help him become a responsible adult.  I look forward to the next few precious years we have with this team, but for today, LET'S GO LIONS!

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