Thursday, July 10, 2014

Worship in the Busyness

My life is always busy.  Like most Americans, I fill up my time with "very important stuff" that consumes me in the free moments I have.  Sometimes I find myself dry and empty, spiritually speaking, and find my attitude slipping and things being said that I wish hadn't popped out.  I have learned that it's in these times, more than ever, that I need to worship.  Worship pulls us into the presence of God and waters our soul.  When we submit ourselves to God in worship, we get his attention.  He hears our adoration and renews our hearts with fresh oil.  Then we can continue to pour into those around us, because He has renewed our spirit.  This is sometimes hard to do when we are so busy.  I make it a priority to turn worship music on as I'm working on projects or riding in the car.  I love to listen to Hillsong United and Planet Shakers, Kim Walker (Jesus Culture) and Rita Springer.  Their words usher me into His presence.  Maybe you need to take assessment today of  your attitude.  Maybe turn on some worship music and let your spirit be renewed.

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