Friday, March 20, 2015

Prom Dresses and Bible Studies

Well, my baby girl got asked to her last prom this week.  It has made me realize how quickly time flies!  It seemed like just yesterday I was so sad and trying to figure out how to help my baby girl not cry when I dropped her off at school.  For the better half of the first quarter of second grade (we homeschooled kindergarten and first) she cried every day at school.  We read the book, The Kissing Hand, every day and she would bravely open her hand as tears ran down her face.  I would kiss that tiny, little hand and close it up to hold that kiss that would have to last til 3:00.  I played brave, but, truth was, I was crying inside too, wishing that I didn't have to send my baby out into the real world to fight dragons (or maybe just having to make friends, whichever).  My heart ached at the thought that they would make her go out on those cold, 30* days, and catch her death of cold!  Funny, she did make friends.  She made it through that cold winter.  And she has become a strong, independent woman.  I am confident that she is going to make it without me.  And maybe that makes me a little sad inside too.  I am thankful that we got to spend the day together for a few hours this week.  I'm thankful that she shared her heart with me about her future and where she's at now.  I'm glad that God provided an opportunity for me to hear where her heart is.  I'm also glad that we decided that we could encourage one another by starting a bible study time together.  We picked out some books that we liked (of course, I bought them all) and hopefully we will begin those within the week.  I hate that my baby has to grow up, but thankful that we have grown up together.  I'm thankful for these moments.  Prom dresses and Bible studies.  I can do this!


  1. Oh thank you so much for making me cry Angie! I'm having a VERY hard time with Lylea being 17 and growing up so fast. I know she'll make it in the harsh world because God is watching over her. But I wish I could always shelter her under my arms.

  2. Oh I should've known this was a tear jerker, why couldn't I keep myself from reading? Because you're just too good. Loved this even though I'm still bawling. Xoxo