Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I Got That Hypothyroid Feeling

For all those that have been faithful followers of my blog and have not found me, I sincerely apologize.  A few months back, I felt as if my busy life had just caught up with me.  I was feeling run down and overwhelmed by even the simplest days.  I have trained myself to just keep on going no matter how tired I am.  Don't stop.  As Dory always said in the movie Nimo, "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming...", but I still could hardly keep up with my schedule.  I decided to talk to my doctor and, after running blood tests, learned that my thyroid isn't working like it should and I'm also dealing with high cholesterol (which means a total diet overhaul).  The doctor put me on Synthroid to adjust the thyroid, saying it could take up to six weeks to take effect.  Currently, I have good days where I'm on the ball (only taking two hour naps) and then there are days that I don't have enough energy to cook breakfast (and the rest of the day is downhill from there).  So, I'm putting aside the things that aren't vital to my existence (like blogging) until I get to where my brain can handle it all again.

I hope that you are still reading my blogs on, every Friday for family day.  I am always faithful to keep that commitment.  Plus, check out other days of the week, as I work with the best team of ladies that encourage and uplift you in many areas of your life.    If you have time, share a little love with a note or comment on our blogs.  It really gives encouragement.  God bless each of you and, as Arnold Swarzenager says, "I'll be back."

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