Friday, February 20, 2015

My Friends Rock!

Today is an exciting day as I'm preparing to go out of town with some of my girlfriends.  We are going to a conference for Children's ministry workers.  Some may think that might sound boring or lame, but I get to hang out with these ladies that are the cream of the crop!  I'm so lucky to get to work alongside the best besties!  So, I'll brag on these ladies for starters (since I talked about the women friendships in my w2wministries blog today.

There's Becky.
Becky is the most faithful person I know.  We've been friends a long time and our kids have grown up together.  Even during a time when I wasn't around, Becky has been faithful to the church and the commitments she is a part of.  I only wish I was such a faithful servant.  Becky is my brain (cause a lot of times I wonder if I have one).  She keeps me on task and remembers all the important details.  She has the kindest heart and thinks of others above herself.  She has overcome many obstacles in her life, but has remained faithful to serve God through it all.  I am so glad God has blessed my life with her friendship and her help.  And I hope our season of friendship continues for a long time.
This is when Becky and I camped out in the church parking lot this summer to secure the VBS premises.  Haha!

We've come so far!

Quick pose before church one morning.  Sure love this girl!

There's Kathy.
My sweet Kathy always knows how to cheer this girl.  She is a wonderful listener.  She has been through the ropes in her own life and has great insight in how to be sucessful in marriage and life.  She is always willing to jump in and help where needed.  She has such a tender heart for the kids.  She's not afraid to shed a tear or two, but she is afraid to take the stage.  But she'd even do that for me;)  I love my Ms. Kathy!
Here's the 3 amigas!  I don't know why I can't find more of Kathy and I right now.  I'll have to take some this weekend.

There's Tammy.
Tammy and I met this summer and I have liked her from the start!  We definitely have kindred spirits and her heart is genuine.  She was always there this summer when we were preparing for our big VBS event.  I loved that time because I really got to know her well.  I am excited that she has become a part of our team and I look forward to getting to know her better.
This was taken at our awards ceremony this week.  I plan on taking many new pics this weekend with this girl!

I am so blessed!  These are just a few of the wonderful people that God has surrounded me with!  Ladies, we are going to have a blast this weekend!  Love you all and I'm so thankful for our friendships!

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